The Park 

Mason-Dixon Park is one of Greene County's beauty spots. It's located on the banks of Dukard Creek, just a few miles south of historic Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. Besides acres of flat-as-a-pan meadow, the park's best known feature is the authentic log cabin that serves a a stage and backdrop for live musical performances during festivals held annually on the grounds. There are three festivals celebrating Ramps, or the native wild leek, the arrival of Purple Martins, and our community's Frontier Heritage.

Contact Us

Say your church bakes the best pies on the planet, your handmade crafts are the nicest around, or you or you friends make pretty fine music, we'd love to hear from you. If at some point during the summer you'd like to pitch a tent or park your airstream and set a spell, please call ahead...that's just good manners. Connie Ammons can be famously reached at 304-879-5500, 304-879-5372, or keeperoftheland@aol.com.

Current Events


Please join us for the last blast of summer vacay, before your kids head back to school! The annual Frontier Festival will be held 22-23, right here at the park. And you needn't travel far in order to have a good time! Back this year, by popular demand is the Taylortown Church and their excellent cooks...God willing they'll bring pie! And introducing the lovely Pastor Wanda, who will be conducting our open-air church services this year!

Getting There

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